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Websites, Customized Software
Animated Graphs, Data Reports and Presentations

We develop and maintain simple, mobile responsive websites.

We make applications to generate of animated graphs (Example), generation of graphs with highly configurable user specified limits lines (Example), Data reports (Example), Report Booklets (Example).

We also make presentations that are resolution independent and work equally well on a large screen to a mobile screen. (Examples)

We undertake development of all types of application as per your requirement.

We also undertake software to acquire data from instruments. FilmAnalyser(BOPP films) and OD analyser are interfaced to Mahr instrument and Densometer, and read data directly from instruments for further analysis and grading of production.

Some of software are :- Membership management Software, Salary app for contractors, Normal Salary program, Analysing Quality of BOPP films and grading production, Optical Density Analysis of a metalized film, Costing and Margin analysis of a production house,

Inventory, VAT Billing, Normal Invoice, Personal Accounting, Generating Insurance Surveyor's reports

Application to manage Quotations, Purchase Order Release, Purchase order Monitoring, Vendor Rating , Gate Pass issue & return, Excisable gate pass issue & return, Excise reports of material, Daily Production record, Invoicing, Store inventory, and excise reports etc,

Software for a Mental Clinic, report generation for pschyometric analysis report, an Aryuvedic clinic software.

If you have any query, we would be glad to answer your queries.